Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)

Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) – is a card scheme to prove the skills of plant operators. CPCS is the largest and most highly recognised card scheme for the plant industry. CPCS provides a single skills card for the plant sector of the construction industry which helps to prove workers’ operating skills and health and safety awareness.

Heyrod Construction (Heyrod Training Services) is a registered CPCS Training and testing centre, specialising in lifting operations. Due to our wealth of experience in the construction industry all our training and facilities are orientated to front line operations. With our fleet of cranes including Tower, Crawler, luffing and mobile, we can meet your training needs. Training courses are now available and can be booked by emailing the training coordinator below.

A40 Slinger Signaller (Technical test)
A40 Slinger Signaller (2 day Refresher & test)
A40 Slinger Signaller (4 day novice & test)
A04 Tower Crane Driver A & B (Technical test)
A02 Crawler Crane Driver (Technical test)
A60 Mobile Crane Driver (Technical test)
A61 Appointed person – Lifting Operations
A62 Crane Supervisor

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To book a test please contact 0161 683 6911 or email