How do I book a CSCS/CPCS test?

Contact us on 0161 683 6911 for prices and available slots

What ID do I need to bring for CSCS/CPCS tests?

One form of Photo ID such as passport or driving licence.

I don’t have any photo ID, can I still take the test?

Yes, you can still take it but you will need to download and complete the CITB Waiver form which can be found on the CITB website.

Do I have to do a One Day Health & Safety Awareness Course even if I have already passed a CSCS test?

Yes, CITB changed their ruling at the beginning of the year. In order for you to be able to apply for your cards, you will need to sit the One Day Health & Safety Awareness Course as well as passing the Health & Safety Operatives test, both of which can be done here at Heyrod Training.

Is there a grace period on a Site Safety Plus Course (SSSTS, SMSTS)?

No, as of the 31st December 2015 the grace period will be removed. Delegates must attend a refresher course before the expiry date on their certificates.

What is the difference between a Red and Blue CPCS card?

On completion of a CPCS technical test a red card will be issued, the operative then has 2 years to complete the NVQ in that trade to attain his/her Blue card. Once the blue card is achieved that is then valid for 5 years and renewed by completing the CPCS renewal test.

What happens if my Red card has expired?

If this happens then you can launch an appeal to CPCS to extend your Red card, you will then need to register for an NVQ in your chosen trade.

Does Abrasive Wheels training allow me to use a saw?

No, Abrasive Wheels training allows you to mount the abrasive wheels to the saw. Further training is required for the equipment such as the Petrol Driven Cut Off Saw.


What are MEWPS (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms?

MEWPS is a common term used for powered access. Powered access can be sub-divided into sub categories:

  • 1a – Static Vertical
  • 1b – Static Booms
  • 3a – Mobile Vertical
  • 3b – Mobile Booms
  • Other categories are also available such as Push Around Vertical (PAV)

I am an experienced Slinger would I be successful on the Experienced Operator course?

It is highly recommended that operative attend the 4 day novice course, this is due to the 85 theory questions which form part of the technical test. Training will be given over the 3 days on the underpinning knowledge of these questions.

The experienced course is only for operatives who feel these questions can be answered with only 1 day of theory and practical training.