The aim of the IPAF MEWP course is to instruct an operator to prepare and safely operate various types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) and to obtain an IPAF MEWP Operators Licence.

Objectives At the end of the course the operator will:

  • Be aware of the relevant Health and Safety regulations.
  • Be aware of accident prevention and control.
  • Be aware of the needs regarding personnel protection.
  • Be aware of the need to refer to the machine Operating Manual.
  • Drive the MEWP safely and manoeuvre the machine as required, to correctly position and carry out the required tasks in a correct and proper manner, inside and outside a building.

The training course can be facilitated on site or with our machines at our training facility in the northwest near Manchester in, the training day consists of theoretical training and assessment in the morning followed by practical training and assessment in the afternoon.

The following courses can be delivered;

  • MEWP Class 3 (a) mobile vertical
  • MEWP Class 3 (b) mobile boom
  • Push Around vertical (PAV)
  • IPAF MEWP demonstrator (D)

The maximum attendance is 6 per training day when conducting a single class, or 4 operatives when conducting both class 3 (a & b).

We are able to offer you special corporate rates for a block courses booked. If you are interested please register your interest by completing the course booking form or contact 0161 683 6911 or email john.mcphillips@heyrod.co.uk.